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Work Coaches

With Universal Credit you usually get a work coach to help you if you are preparing for work, moving into work or looking to increase your earnings.

If you’re claiming UC, whether you are new to jobseeking or have struggled to get back to work, you might need some guidance to help you find and apply for vacancies. That’s where your work coach comes in, 

Your work coach will spend time getting to know you to will help them understand you as an individual. This will help them advise on the right support to  make the biggest difference to your job search.

Your work coach can help you find your way around today’s jobs market. They will know which sectors are most likely to be recruiting in your area, and can help identify how your skills and experience could appeal to employers.

If you’re looking for a different role or to get started in a new industry they can direct you to training that could help you progress towards your job goals. Their knowledge and links with local employers could also help you get access to valuable work experience. And they can direct you to expert help from a wide network of organisations who can provide you with the additional support

When it comes to applying for jobs, your work coach can give help you improve your chances of being successful in the job market.. Their support might include:

  • helping you make your CV stand out
  • making sure your skills and experience come across in an application form
  • arranging practice interviews to help you be your best in the real thing
  • helping with some travel and clothing costs