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Working and supporting someone’s health or care

Do you have a family member, partner or friend who needs ongoing care or support with day-to-day life?


The support they might need may vary but could include:

  • emotional support like help to manage anxiety or mental health
  • help with housework
  • help with moving around, washing, or eating
  • collecting essentials like prescriptions or food
  • help to manage money or services

Many people combine working and caring, but it can be a challenge. The care that’s needed or your situation can change, so it’s useful to think ahead and understand the range of support available to you. These pages provide you with advice about available support. You don’t need to get formal government support such as carers’ benefits or care for a specific number of hours for this support to help you.

As every care situation is unique, some support may not feel relevant to you right now. But it may be helpful to know what’s available in case you need it in the future.

We recommend saving this page as many people who care for someone find it useful having information to hand when things change.

Click on one of the links below to find out about the range of support available where you live.