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Digital – Essential Skills (England only)

Not sure you have the digital know-how for today’s workplace? Or do you want to brush up on your computer skills? Not to worry, these courses are perfect for helping you gain the digital skills 9 out of 10 employers are asking for. You’ll learn all the essentials to give you the confidence to find your way around the digital world.

The offer:

Are you able to complete all these tasks confidently and independently?

  • Can you complete tasks in Microsoft Office programs like Word, Excel, Teams, and E-Mail for communication?
  • Can you save documents using OneDrive or cloud services like Google Drive or Apple iCloud?
  • Can you use Google or any other search engine such as Bing and Siri to find information?
  • Can you do banking, shopping, and bill payments online?
  • Can you set your own privacy settings and identify suspicious emails or websites?

If you can’t say ‘Yes’ to all these questions, there are free courses available that will help you gain the necessary digital skills you need for work and in your home life.

Some training providers offer a qualification or an in-house certificate on completion for you to show to potential employers.

You might find that completing one successfully makes you want to develop your digital skills to a higher level, to specialise and to increase your employability by taking another course afterwards.

Available to:

Anyone aged over 19 who has little or no experience using computers or other digital devices.

If you have trouble getting online, speak to the training provider or contact your local library to arrange some computer time.

Time and course type:

Courses are flexible, either classroom-based or online and can vary in length from around 30-50 hours.

Depending on your local provider, full-time, part-time and evening class options may be available.


Many essential digital skills courses are free to you. There may be a fee for some courses, so check with the training provider.

Further information:

Search for courses in England at the National Careers Service (external website). Search using your location using ‘digital’ as a keyword. You can also search for courses in Scotland (external website) and Wales (external website).

More information about skills and training opportunities is available on Skills for Careers (external website).

Find out about skills and work in Scotland (external website) and Wales (external website).