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Looking for work if you’re disabled

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If you have a disability or long term health condition, you’re protected against discrimination by law.

Over recent decades we’ve seen a real changes in workplace culture in the UK, but applying for a job can still be hard if you have a disability or long-term health condition. But don’t worry, there is lots of support available to help and guide you.

By considering companies that hold a Disability Confident badge, you can be assured that the company has committed to build a more inclusive workplace that gives disabled people an opportunity to thrive at work.

Did you know more than 11 million paid employees now work for Disability Confident companies nationwide.

What is Disability Confident?

Disability Confident is a Government-backed 3-step scheme promoting good employer practices to support disabled people to get into work and progress.

This means you can be confident approaching a signed-up company about workplace adjustments, alternative interview formats or any other variation that might help you get in and get on at their company.

Get confident

Not all companies may have heard of Disability Confident yet. That doesn’t mean that a company who isn’t signed up won’t treat you fairly – quite the contrary, most companies just want great people to fill their roles.

But like any jobseeker you’ll want to know all about a company before you apply, and researching whether it’s Disability Confident could be a smart move.

You can now filter your ‘Find a job’ search by Disability Confident companies, so this could be a great place to start your job search.

And of course we know how hard it can be to build inner confidence and resilience to apply for jobs and seek promotions. Several Disability Confident employers encourage their own disabled employees to share ideas and tips in employee networks and to offer ideas to improve workplace practice.

Hear how Disability Confident leader, Coca-Cola Europacific Partners, have supported Mo and Christine.

Search for Disability Confident jobs on Find a job.

Elsewhere on this site, there’s more help and advice on finding extra support if you need it.