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Step 7 – check and review your progress

If you’re busy sending job applications or building up your skills, it’s easy to lose track of how you are doing. So set aside some time, perhaps once a week, to take stock. This is useful so you can see:

  • What you’ve done and achieved
  • What you still need to do
  • What’s coming up the following week
  • What has worked well and what hasn’t

You can then work out what to do next. Are there things you can do more or less of? Do you need more information or advice? Do you need to widen your job search into other areas or sectors?

This is also a good way to stay motivated. If you’ve has some rejections in the last couple of days, you can look back and see your achievements and where future opportunities may lie.

For more tips on taking care of your mental wellbeing and building your self-belief, take a look at out our Confidence, motivation and mental health page.

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