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How to find flexible work

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Once you have a clear picture of what you are looking for, it’s time to look for the right flexible working opportunity.

Where to look for flexible work

You can start your search by looking for websites and recruiters specialising in flexible working. For example, Timewise (external website) advertises flexible and part-time roles. They also provide advice on looking for flexible working opportunities.

You can also use more general job search websites such as Find a job (external link). They have search tools to help you find jobs with some types of flexible working arrangements. You can add keywords like “part-time”, “remote”, “hybrid” or “flexible” and then check the job vacancies in the search results.

What if flexibility is not mentioned on the job advert?

Job adverts, whether they are online or in newspapers etc., will often mention the hours of work and the potential for flexibility.

But it’s also likely that you’ll find a job opportunity that’s a perfect fit for you but doesn’t mention flexible working. What should you do?

Don’t rule it out. Just because an advert doesn’t mention flexibility, it doesn’t mean the employer won’t consider it if you’re a great fit for the job. In this case you could approach the employer / hiring manager to find out if the company is open to flexible working arrangements.

You should be able to find the name or contact details of the hiring manager in the job description or applicant’s pack.

Once you have their contact details you can contact the hiring manager directly via email or phone.

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