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Benefits of Flexible Working

Woman working at home at a laptop while on the phone. Links to flexible working

Flexible working could give you the opportunity to expand your job search to more fulfilling and better paid jobs, while keeping a good work-life balance. It could also help you to stay in work if your personal circumstances change.

With flexible working you could benefit from:

  • Extra time for childcare, like taking your children to and from school every day
  • More time to look after a family member or friend who may need ongoing care or support
  • Savings on the time and cost of commuting
  • Improved mental and physical wellbeing due to a better work-life balance and reduced stress, if you’re juggling other things in your life
  • Increased job satisfaction and productivity

If you have a disability or health condition, flexible working arrangements could also be a way to help you get or stay in a job.

Take a look at how flexible working and support with childcare costs helped Victoria find the right job for her.

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