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Flexible working makes the difference for Victoria

Mum of one Victoria, from Kent, recently discovered the benefits of flexible working and how the new Universal Credit childcare changes made a return to employment possible.

She said: “Returning to work after the birth of my daughter Rosie was always my goal”. Victoria, who has cerebral palsy, went back to work after maternity leave, but ended up leaving that job after a month. “It was difficult to combine work and childcare responsibilities”, she added.

In April of this year, Victoria realised that in order to balance work and home life, she needed a flexible job, but was worried about the cost of childcare.

“After finding an ideal part-time, remote job as a business administrator, I was excited, but I didn’t know how I was going to meet the childcare costs upfront.”

So Victoria contacted the jobcentre and they explained that her Universal Credit monthly payment would include up to 85% of her childcare costs once she started work.

Thanks to the boost to Universal Credit childcare support this year, Victoria was also eligible to receive the first month’s childcare upfront.

“Without this support, I could not have accepted the job. It’s made a huge difference” Victoria said. “I have a disability and I wanted to get back to work to help provide a good future for my daughter. If I can do this, anyone can”.

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