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Volunteering – The ‘Secret Sauce’ For Getting A Job

If you’re on the hunt for that dream job, there’s something that can make your CV really tasty.

Volunteering is a fantastic way to gain skills and experiences that can help you land your next job, as well as giving you the chance to support your community.

Here are 6 reasons why volunteering might be the ‘secret sauce’ you need to spice up your market appeal.

Upgrade your CV

Boost your confidence

  • Stepping into the job market can be daunting, but volunteering can be a confidence booster.
  • You’ll gain hands-on experience, meet new people, and feel empowered knowing you’re making a positive contribution — all of which can help you look great in job interviews.
  • While you’re scouting for opportunities, keep an eye out for those that fit your career goals.
  • When you’re part of the team, you might also be able to ask to do activities that develop the skills you need for your dream job.

Develop valuable skills

  • Volunteering is a crash course in learning new skills. Whether it’s communication, teamwork, leadership, or problem-solving, you’ll get hands-on experience that employers want.

Network like a pro

  • Volunteering isn’t just about the work, it’s also about the people you meet. You’ll rub shoulders with all sorts of people – potential mentors, future colleagues, and maybe even your next boss!
  • Social media, colleges and university volunteering programmes are hotspots for making connections that might open doors to job opportunities.

Gain industry insights

  • Ever wondered what a certain industry is really like? Volunteer in that sector! Dive into these opportunities to get a taste of different industries, learn the ropes, and decide if it’s the right place for you.

Stand out in interviews

  • When an interviewer asks, “Tell me about a time you faced a challenge,” imagine sharing a story from your volunteering experience! It can be a standout moment that showcases your skills and commitment.
  • Volunteering stories are the special ingredients that make your interview go down a treat!

Remember, every volunteer experience is a stepping-stone toward your career goals. So, get out there, volunteer, and see what it could do for you!

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