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Using WASPS to build your CV

Don’t like wasps? Think again. When it comes to your CV, these W.A.S.P.S. are here to help you.

Five top tips to make your CV buzz!


Include the right words. Get rid of the ones you don’t need.

  • Find the key words in the job advert and use them in your CV. It shows an employer you understand the role on offer.
  • Don’t use slang words or abbreviations an employer might not know.


Don’t just use the same CV for all job applications. It’s the route to rejection.

  • Your basic CV is a good starting point for each application, but make sure you adapt it to make it fit the role you’re applying for.
  • Many recruiters use computer software to scan CVs for the best match for the job. Using key words from the job advert can help to get you through them.


Employers like to know about your ‘soft skills’.

  • ‘Soft skills’ are your personal skills – the ones you don’t get qualifications for.
  • ‘Soft’ doesn’t mean how cuddly you are (although that may be nice), it means the sort of things that all employers look for, like teamwork, communication and problem-solving skills.
  • Give some examples from your personal life, from being in a sports team to babysitting to maintaining all the tech at home.
  • Include any formal placements you’ve done, for example, through the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme or in community groups.


Your CV should be easy to read, clear, neat and tidy.

  • Use bullet points and short sentences, and check for typos and spelling mistakes.
  • Get someone else to read through your CV before you send it – a second pair of eyes can spot things you’ve missed.


Your CV is a sales pitch for you.

  • Highlight your skills and achievements.
  • Make the most of what you’ve got – don’t be shy.

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