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5 tips for Interview Success

Prepare – so you know your stuff

Rehearse – practice your answers

  • Say them out loud in front of a mirror.
  • Better still, practice with a friend or family member. It can really help to calm your nerves.

Organise – get the basics in place

  • Plan your journey to the interview so you give yourself enough time.
  • Or if it’s online, make sure your tech is working and find somewhere you won’t be disturbed.

Breathe – calm those nerves

  • A few deep breaths before you start slows your heart rate.
  • Taking a breath before each answer will give you time to think.
  • Read about more ways breathing techniques can help you.

Engage – show your confidence

  • Smile (but not like The Joker).
  • Sit upright – it shows you’re interested, and it can help your breathing.
  • Make eye contact but don’t stare. Aim to make eye contact 70% of the time when you’re listening and 50% of the time when you’re speaking.

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