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Returning To Work After Redundancy – Cliff’s story

Cliff Davitt outside Waitrose

Cliff Davitt shares how he has overcome a series of adversities in life and found a job that brings him joy.


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The past few years haven’t been easy for Cliff Davitt, 61, from Edinburgh. In 2014, he gave up work in a warehouse to care for his wife, Vivian, who had cancer. He returned to work in 2017 after she died, but suffered a stroke two years later, which meant he was no longer physically fit enough for the job. 

“I was in a really dark place for a while and my confidence was at an all-time low,” Cliff admits. “You learn to live with your grief, but you never get over it.”

But with some support, Cliff has been able to return to work. “I’ve never been happier. I look forward to going to work. If you’re thinking of going back to work, do it. People in their fifties and sixties have so much to offer – you can’t replace that experience. My whole life has changed for the better since I started working again.” 

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