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Interview questions and answers

Think about the questions  

  • Look again at the job advert to remind yourself what the employer is looking for.
  • Look over your CV or application form from an employer’s point of view – what would you ask if you were the interviewer?
  • Try a quick internet search to help predict what you might be asked. It might, for example, bring up forums and discussion boards relating to other people’s interview experiences with the company.
  • The National Careers Service website has a list of the top ten interview questions (external website).

Prepare your answers  

  • Spend some time thinking about the answers or examples you could give to best showcase your skills.
  • Use the STAR interview method, which stands for Situation-Task-Action-Result. Providing real examples of times when you have done something well will give employers a good understanding of your experience.
  • Make notes – just a few words to remind you what you want to say, there’s no need to write full sentences.
  • The National Careers Service website has more about the STAR interview method (external website).

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