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Dress code and documents

Dress to impress

  • Think smart, clean and professional. Many workplace dress codes prohibit jeans, sportswear, trainers or clothing with slogans. It’s also advisable to keep jewellery and perfume to a minimum.
  • It’s always good to have some suitable interview clothes ready at home in case of an unexpected invitation to interview. Try them on and move around in them to check they still fit you.
  • You should always think about how you are dressed whether your interview is in person or online.

Taking documents

  • Carry a spare copy of your CV or application form. You might need it if an interviewer asks you something specific about it. Having a spare to offer them if they need it shows you’re prepared, organised and considerate.
  • Remember to take any other documents the employer may have asked for, such as photo-ID or certificates; and know your National Insurance Number.

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