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7 super ways to get into volunteering

Volunteering is an amazing way to gain valuable experience, meet new people and lend a helping hand.

When you’re on the lookout for volunteer work, think about what gets you excited and what causes you care about. Find something that matches your interests, and you’ll have a blast making a difference.

Here are seven ways to find a volunteer role.

1. Explore online platforms

2. Dive into events

  • Love events and festivals? Many of them need volunteers to help things run smoothly. Check out event websites or reach out to organisers directly to see if they need an extra pair of hands.

3. Check out charity websites

  • Loads of charities and non-profit groups post volunteer openings on their own websites. So, if you’ve got your eye on a specific cause or organisation, head over to their site and look for their volunteer section. They often have all the details about how you can get involved.
  • You can also check out the CharityJob (external website) where lots of volunteering roles are advertised in one place.

4. Get in touch with local matchmakers

  • Your local volunteer centre (external website) is a goldmine for finding opportunities. They’ve got the lowdown on what’s happening in your area and can help match you with a role based on what you’re into and what skills you’ve got.

5. Be social media savvy

  • As you scroll through social media, join community groups, follow local charities, and connect with organisations on platforms like Instagram, X, Snapchat, Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • Sometimes, opportunities pop up on these channels, and you could be the first to grab them!

6. Don’t forget your school or university

  • If you’re still studying, your school or university might have some volunteering programmes or links with charities.
  • Swing by your careers office or student union and see what’s cooking in the volunteering department.

7. Government and Local Council Programmes

  • Local councils and government programmes often have volunteering opportunities. Keep an eye on your council website and local news for anything being run nearby.

Once you find a gig that clicks, let the organisation know you’re eager to help out. Tell them about your skills, when you’re available, and how much time you can give.

Get ready for an amazing volunteering adventure!

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