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How to be Your Own Coach – a quick guide

Start unlocking your potential with 10 questions

We all face challenges and sometimes the hardest part of overcoming them is knowing where to start.

Maybe you’re just taking the first steps in your career and feel a bit overwhelmed with options? Or maybe you know where you’d like to be, but not sure how you’ll get there?

Sitting down and asking yourself a few questions might sound basic, but it can be a surprisingly effective way to know yourself a bit better, get a firmer grip on what’s really standing in your way, and pinpoint some next steps that feel practical and right.


This is a type of ‘self-coaching’ (external website). And the best thing about it is it’s quick, free, and you can do it whenever and wherever you like.

The 10 questions below map onto the GROW coaching model. It’s used by coaching professionals, universities and businesses across the world to help people untangle their thoughts and find solutions to challenges they might be facing. Read more about the GROW coaching model (external website) and find additional questions if you need them.

So, without further ado, find a quiet place if you can and whip out a pen or a pencil. Ask yourself the following 10 questions:

1: What goal do you want to achieve?

2: Where do you think you are right now in relation to your goal?

3: What do you think you need to do to get closer to your goal?

4: What progress have you made so far?

5: What do you think is stopping you reaching your goal?

6: What are your options?

7: What do you think you should do next?

8: What support do you need to get that done?

9: What could be your first step?

10: Is there anything else you can do?

… and hopefully now you’ll feel like you’re closer to cracking your goals than ever before.

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