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Inspire a generation by teaching

Teaching. Every lesson shapes a life.

Teaching is a career like no other.

There aren’t many jobs where you go home each day knowing you have made a real difference to a child’s life. Here are 5 reasons why you should consider teaching and some information about where to start.

1. Inspire the next generation and shape lives

Everyone remembers a teacher from school who made a real difference to their life. Teaching allows you to use your knowledge, skills and passion to help children unlock talents they didn’t know they had.

2. Endless variety

Every day is different with never a dull moment in teaching. Teachers are encouraged to think of creative ways to engage their students and you’ll be able to use your experience to help bring your subject to life.

3. Financial support while you train

Depending on the subject you want to teach, there is plenty of financial support available during your teacher training – check the support in England, Scotland and Wales.

4. Competitive salary and career progression

You will earn a competitive salary and have access to a wealth of other benefits including a generous pension scheme. And once qualified, there are lots opportunities for you to climb the career ladder.

5. You won’t be alone

Every year thousands of people make the change and use their experiences and passion for their subject to inspire the next generation. Get inspired and read about others who have made the switch here.

To be eligible to teach you’ll need to meet some standard criteria, like GCSE level qualifications in English and Maths, and usually an undergraduate degree. This may vary in different parts of the country.

In some jobs, you’ll need to pass a DBS check or watch this video guide.

Find out more at Get Into Teaching in England, Teach in Scotland or Discover Teaching in Wales.

Events offer a brilliant opportunity to find out more about teacher training and what a career in teaching has to offer search here to find teaching information events happening near you or online.