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Why you should consider working in agriculture

Man digging in a farm

There’s more to working in agriculture than you might think, and demand for workers is at an all-time high, with farm workers and food production being more critical than ever. 

Here are 5 things you should know about working in agriculture:

  1. It doesn’t just mean farming – There are a wide variety of opportunities within agriculture from fruit and vegetable harvesting, through to logistics, food production and management roles.
  2. Innovation and technology – Modern farming uses cutting-edge technology to keep up with the growing demand. You could be a part of testing innovative ways to solve problems.
  3. Good long term prospects – The global population is expanding so demand for agriculture is only going to rise, and while some roles are focused on meeting critical needs, working in this industry can also provide good job security and a long-term career.
  4. Experience isn’t necessary – While some jobs may require qualifications, often training is provided on the job. But bear in mind that some roles can be physically demanding.
  5. Enjoy the rewards – There’s no better “officethan the great outdoors, and being in nature has long been associated with good health and wellbeing. 

For in-depth job profiles and more advice on how to break into agriculture visit the National Careers Service. For case studies of how people who have got into farming visit Farmers Weekly.

You can find agriculture jobs on Find a job or check our latest jobs page.