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Tweeting yourself out of a job: Don’t let social media derail your job search

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We’ve all done it: hit Twitter and let vent, knowing that the couple of hundred loyal friends and followers will sympathise with our plight. Which is great and all… unless you’re looking for a job.

Boring as it is, policing your language on social media is necessary. For example, avoiding too many unnecessary swearwords, trying not to live-tweet every episode of daytime TV, and avoiding the temptation to rail in frustration at the lack of replies to job applications. If you think employers aren’t Googling you before getting in touch about an interview, you’re wrong.

Social media is a place to be yourself and can lead to job opportunities (being funny and human on Twitter can get you far in creative industries), and is also a great tool for networking. However, you can do yourself a disservice if a potential employer looks at your profile and sees you getting in fights, sharing weird videos on Facebook, or admitting you’re having your first drink before 1pm. If you’ve got ‘communication skills’ listed on your CV, social media is a great way to showcase them; if not, use your social media presence to hone them.