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Stay motivated, set a GOAL

Graphic of a goal

A work coach from Jobcentre Plus gives their tips on remaining motivated during those difficult moments when looking for a job:

Every day I help customers to find work and I’m often there at the sharp end when they get those rejection letters from a job they really wanted.

I know how much rejection can hurt in job search, as well as in life. This is my advice for picking yourself up and moving on if that happens.

Get active! Make the most of your daily exercise and pace around the park or take a quick jog. Staying active is the best way to keep yourself motivated. It stops you getting despondent and helps generate new ideas. Treat each day as a new day and keep your body and mind active whatever disappointment you encounter.

Own it. If you weren’t successful at an interview or you’re not getting responses from employers, consider the reasons why. Is there anything you can do differently? Self evaluate and be frank and totally honest with yourself. Don’t forget to also “own” your achievements and have confidence!

Always ask for feedback. Don’t miss an opportunity to ask for this to give you something to build on. Be pro-active and contact employers if you haven’t heard from them since you applied for the job. It shows initiative and puts you in a better position for future vacancies, even if you weren’t successful on the first occasion. It is not uncommon for previous candidates to be employed for future vacancies in the same role.

Learn. Never pass up on a learning opportunity. Does feedback indicate you have a skills gap? If so, what can you do about it? Enrol in study/training, volunteer and ask about work experience etc.. Don’t miss opportunities to move forward.

Never lose sight of your GOAL. Positivity breeds results!