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Redundancy Support

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What to do if you’ve been told you’re at risk of redundancy

If you’ve been told that you’re at risk of being made redundant, or you’ve recently been made redundant, the Jobcentre Plus Rapid Response Service may be able to provide you with support.

This could include help finding a new job, suitable training courses, as well as additional financial support to help with things such as travel to work expenses, childcare or the costs of training.

Find out more about the Jobcentre Plus Rapid Response Service and other support that could be available to you.

Help finding your next job

When looking for a new job the Find a job website is a good place to start. You can filter vacancies by sector, location and whether they’re full or part-time.

There is also plenty of advice about finding a job across this website, and you may want to check out the following pages for useful tips to help you get your next job:

If you claim Universal Credit or Jobseeker’s Allowance while looking for your next job, you can also receive expert help and support to find your next role from a Work Coach.

Financial support while you look for work

If you’ve been made redundant or been told that you will soon be made redundant, support that could be available to you includes:

Depending on your circumstances, you might be able to claim a combination of these benefits. Use a benefits calculator to get the full picture of all the financial support you might be eligible for. This can calculate the amount you may be able to receive and could include additional help such as reduced council tax rates or cold weather allowances.

Other financial help may also be available.

Help dealing with debt

If you’re struggling financially after being made redundant then the MoneyHelper service offers a Money Manager tool which can help you budget effectively and manage your money.

Read more about help with managing your money whilst on Universal Credit.