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National Older Workers Week (20-24 November)

National Older Workers Week is a celebration of the value older people bring to the workplace. It’s about the benefits of an age-diverse workforce and how employers can attract more older workers to their business.

Find out more about the week’s events, including an online careers fair for jobseekers, at National Older Workers Week (external website).

What could a job mean for you?

We are celebrating the older people who’ve found work and gained a new lease of life. On JobHelp you will find great stories from real people about what a job means for them.

What could a job mean for you?

Looking for a new job?

And if you’re looking for a new job, JobHelp is great place to start. Find out about:

You can also use the Department for Work and Pensions’ digital Midlife MOT to take stock of your work, health and money with future planning in mind.

Employers value your experience and know-how

“50+ workers bring a wealth of skills, diverse experience and knowledge which employers should fully harness”. Peter, Chief Executive, Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development

Find out more about what businesses think about employing people over 50.