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Job Entry Targeted Support (JETS) – does your job search need a boost?

What is JETS?

If you’re looking for work, need some extra help, and you are eligible, then JETS could be right for you.

JETS is a light touch employment programme, delivered by our partner organisations. It’s for people who have been out of work and claiming either Universal Credit or New Style Jobseeker’s Allowance for at least 13 weeks.

Your Jobcentre Plus work coach can explain how support from the JETS programme can help you get back to work. This might include specialist advice on how you can move into growing sectors, advice on building your CV, and interview coaching. If your work coach agrees that JETS is right for you, they will refer you to the JETS programme.

What does it do?

JETS will provide light touch, personalised employment support for 6 months, which could give you the boost you need to return to employment. This might include:

  • a personal adviser – including regular contact to agree a tailored action plan to help get you back into employment
  • assessment of your employment support needs
  • help with IT skills, job search, CV writing, interview support
  • support to consider different employment sectors/routes and ways of working including home working
  • building confidence, self-belief and self-motivation
  • support for anxieties about working in a Covid-19 environment including potential access to mental health and wellbeing support
  • signposting to skills support and other specialised help and training

Is JETS for me?

If you’re interested and have been out of work, and in receipt of Universal Credit or New Style Jobseeker’s Allowance, for at least 13 weeks then you may be eligible. Contact your Jobcentre Plus work coach – they’ll be able to advise if JETS is right for you.

If you’re not eligible for JETS then don’t worry – you can find lots of help and support available from other sources, including the JobHelp site. If you have a work coach, talk to them about your options.

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