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Have you considered working in logistics?

If you’re on the look-out for a new job opportunity, the logistics industry could offer more than you realise. Here’s some popular myths about the logistics industry, busted!

“Wages are really poor….”

Many jobs do have low entry wages but there is usually potential for earnings to rise significantly. Experienced large goods vehicle drivers can earn up to £35,000 (external website).

“It’s a dead-end industry…”

Most employers are upskilling their workforce. 62% of logistics employers provided training in the previous 12 months, covering 42% of the total workforce.

“Only men do that…”

Most of the workforce are men. But there are around 400,000 women in logistics, spread right across the industry.

“Hours are too long”

Some, but not all, roles require shift work including evenings, nights and weekends. There are a wide range of working hours and patterns across the industry with over 300,000 staff working part time.

“It’s a dirty industry”

Some jobs are dirty but the majority are clean. Uniformed drivers are commonplace e.g. Wincanton and Eddie Stobart. Image is everything in modern business. Vehicles are expected to be washed regularly and drivers expected to wear a uniform. 

Search and apply for logistics jobs at Find a job (external website).

For in-depth job profiles and further information visit the National Careers Service (external website).

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