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Have you considered working in food retail?


If you’re on the look-out for a new job opportunity, the food retail sector could offer more than you realise. Dragos moved from the hospitality sector into a new job at Sainsbury’s – watch this video to hear about his story.

Here are four popular myths about the sector, busted…

“You need to have previous experience in retail”

You don’t need to have previous experience in retail to apply. Dragos started a new job as a Trading Assistant for Sainsbury’s having lost his job in the hospitality sector. He had no previous experience in the food retail sector. He found his transferable skills, including customer services and multitasking, helpful for transitioning into his new role.

“It’s a dead-end sector”

If you have ambition, there are opportunities to progress higher in retail. Dragos started a new job as a Trading Assistant for Sainsbury’s with no previous retail sector experience and was promoted to a manager in-store quite quickly.

“Wages are poor”

Many jobs in food retail do have low entry wages but there is usually potential for earnings to rise. Opportunities for progression to store management exist; entry level positions start at around £17,472 per year while the most experienced workers can make up to £42,500 per year (Source: Neuvoo, website).

“It’s not safe to be working in a store”

Food retailers have measures in place to keep you safe. Before applying for the role at Sainsbury’s, Dragos had his concerns about safety but he was provided with masks, gloves and hand sanitiser.

Where to apply

Search and apply for jobs in food retail on the Find a job website.