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Get advice on redundancy-related issues

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There is a range of advice and support available if you have been made redundant or are at risk of redundancy.

To find out more about your rights go to:

If you live in Scotland or Wales:

Scotland – Partnership Action for Continuing Employment (PACE) is the Scottish Government’s partnership framework, helping people dealing with redundancy. Phone the Scottish redundancy helpline on 0800 917 8000 or visit Redundancy Scotland.

Wales – The Welsh Government’s redundancy action scheme (ReAct) helps people deal with redundancy. There are various sources of help available. Visit Working Wales and The Welsh Government.

REED has advice on how to deal with the emotional side of being made redundant, and how to get your confidence levels back up. The Keep Britain Working campaign has produced ‘Moving On’, a booklet to help people who have recently been made redundant.

For budgeting and money advice, visit:

If you need to talk to someone about coping with redundancy, visit:

To find out how redundancy impacts your pension, visit The Pensions Advisory Service and our general pensions advice page.