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Cover letter checklist

When applying for a job, each job application needs a CV and cover letter. A Work Coach from Jobcentre Plus explains why it’s important to tailor the content to the job you are applying for:

Your cover letter is your introduction and as such requires research into the job in question and the key skills that the job requires. Your cover letter should not just be a summary of your CV but complement it by highlighting the most relevant aspects relating to the job. For example, if the job requires “teamwork” and you have some previous examples in your work history, use your cover letter to show them off. It’s advisable to create a draft and have someone proof read it for you, such as friends and family.

Cover letter checklist

Make sure:

  • it’s tailored to the job
  • it’s headed with the job title, reference number and your name
  • it’s on one page unless otherwise stated
  • it’s addressed to a specific person
  • it genuinely enhances your CV
  • you’ve had it proof read

More tips and advice on how to write a good cover letter can be found on the National Careers service website.