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Could you work in the IT industry?

Man sat in front of three computer monitors

If you’re on the look-out for a new job opportunity, the Information Technology (IT) industry could offer more than you realise. Here’s some popular myths about the IT industry, busted!

“IT is male-dominated, geeky and complex”

  • Women account for only 17% of IT & Telecoms professionals but the Girls and IT initiative from the E-Skills Sector Skills Council aims to make a difference to both the gender mix and the industry image.

“You have to live in London to get into the sector”

  • It’s true that London and the South East have more jobs than other regions but the total is less than half of all UK jobs in IT.

“There aren’t any jobs in IT”

  • Employment in the IT & Telecoms professional occupations will grow at 2.19% per annum – nearly five times faster than the UK average.
  • The UK needs 21,000 new recruits to the IT sector each year from education.
  • Volumes of IT/ Telecomms vacancies have risen in each of the last four quarters.

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