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Benefits and support

Finding a job can be difficult but there is a lot of support that can help to unlock your potential.

Financial support

Information about the financial support available to get you back on track, with key resources including benefits checkers and help with redundancy-related issues.
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Help with mental health, disabilities and long term health conditions

There are a number of resources and schemes available to you if have mental health issues, a long term health condition or disability.
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Starting out in your career

Help and support for people under 25 to help find work, training and Apprenticeships.
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finding work at 50+

Help and support to help you develop and apply your existing skills to new jobs, and understand all the all support options available to more experienced job seekers.
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Help for parents

Thinking about returning to work after taking time off work to be with your family? See the support available to you.
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skills and training

Give your skills a boost, learn on-the-job and get more qualifications to increase your job prospects.
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