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Are your literacy and numeracy skills holding you back?

As a jobseeker, one of your big challenges is making sure that you have the basic skills necessary to build a successful career.

Employers say that it’s often a lack of the most basic skills that’s causing jobseekers to fall at the final hurdle. In particular, strong literacy and numeracy skills are crucial to success in the workplace.

It’s easy to happen, we’ve all been there. There’s always one subject that you struggle with at school, and once you leave, you forget all about it.

However, employers are increasingly demanding strong reading, writing and numbers skills.

If you feel that you are lacking literacy or numeracy skills, or are just a bit rusty then consider taking an adult education course? The National Careers Service website (England) has a lot of information available as well as My World of Work website (Scotland) and Careers Wales website (Wales), including literacy and numeracy courses. There are thousands of adult education courses available in the UK, both part-time and full-time so you can tailor your learning to your personal circumstances. You can also find courses in your local area and helpful information on claiming financial support. The Skills Toolkit also has a free numeracy course to help refresh your maths skills which can be found on the National Careers Service website.

Adult education courses are not like going back to school. There will be many people who need to strengthen their literacy and numeracy skills so there’s nothing to be embarrassed about. The benefits from undertaking these courses also extend beyond the workplace; including improved self-confidence and being better able to manage your finances.

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