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5 ways to keep your job search productive

Finding yourself slipping out of the job search routine?

Here are five ways to stay focused and on track:

1. Set time aside to research

Put aside an hour a day to research and contact companies you want to work for. With up to 60% of all jobs going unadvertised, dealing with companies directly is often the best way of hearing about the best jobs: but you can’t go in unarmed. Research a company and make enquiry phone calls or emails to find out more detail if you need to.

Ask to talk to the hiring manager. It sounds pushy but can often get you where you want to go.

If you’re not sure where to start, try searching on job boards such as the Find a job website.

2. Maintain a routine

It is essential to treat your job search like an actual job. That means waking in the morning, showering and getting dressed, eating a good breakfast and sitting down and working, just like any other job. Keep distractions such as TV to a minimum, and focus fully on your search. Not only will you be more productive, but keeping that routine will be useful when you bag that job and have to get up early anyway.

3. Stay organised

As well as approaching your job search like a job, it’s important to document your activity outside of the ‘Sent Messages’ folder of your e-mail inbox. Use Google Docs (or just a plain old paper and pen) to keep track of which jobs you applied for and when, as well as useful info such as where you saw the job, and when the closing date was.

4. Use Google to your advantage

While job boards are a fantastic way of finding new roles, Google is a powerful search tool that can give you the edge in your job hunt – if you know how to use it. Use the advanced settings to search jobs posted within the last 7 days, and use quotation marks around specific phrases, such as “admin assistant” + Oldham, to find the pages most relevant to you.

5. Use browser extensions to avoid distractions

It’s easy to fall down the Facebook hole or waste time checking your inbox when you’re searching for jobs online, but it does slow you down… a lot. Use browser extensions such as StayFocusd to block certain websites during the day and stay on track with your job search. 

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