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5 reasons to get into social care

Carer tending to disabled woman

Working in social care can be incredibly rewarding; and due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there is an increased demand for people to work in social care roles. 

There is a nationwide need for more care staff. DHSC is running a major national recruitment campaign to boost the adult social care workforce in England – now and for the future.

Here are 5 things you should know about working in social care:

  1. Experience isn’t necessary – You don’t necessarily need to have previous experience to get started in social care, and not having qualifications won’t necessarily stand in your way either.
  2. Empathy matters – What is important, however, is that you’re a kind, compassionate and thoughtful person with the desire to help people. If you’re good with people, a career in social care could be perfect for you.
  3. There is a wide range of different roles – There is a variety of different job roles in social care from supporting someone in their own home, working in a residential care home, or even managing a small team of care workers.
  4. You can develop your career – There are opportunities to develop your skills in social care by studying for qualifications or even training in specific areas like dementia support. You could also develop into more senior roles, like managing teams or services.
  5. You can make a difference – Working in social care can be an extremely fulfilling job – knowing that you are making a real positive impact on someone’s life.

For in-depth job profiles and more tips on how to break into social care visit

You’ll also find a wide range of social care jobs at Find a job.

In some jobs, you’ll need to pass a DBS check or watch this video guide.