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4 tips for turning redundancy into a positive

talking to friends

Being made redundant can mean that overnight your identity, financial landscape and prospects change dramatically. Some companies are able to offer support on these occasions, but what happens next is ultimately down to you. Take a look at what benefits and support you could be eligible for.

After facing redundancy, Domestic Angels Director Sam chose to start her own business and hasn’t looked back. Here are her top tips for getting through this difficult time:

1. See the opportunities ahead

Redundancy can easily make any of us feel as though somebody else has control of our lives, and that somebody else has the power to make a life changing decision for us. Regardless of the fact that it is the role that has become redundant, not the person, it is easy to feel a twinge of resentment, and it is not natural for everyone to embrace the moment as an opportunity. I looked to reframe the situation as a fresh opportunity to do something fulfilling. Remember that as one door closes, in time, another will open.

2. Be kind to yourself

Watch a film, spend time with friends and family, do something that gets your ‘healing’ process underway. For some this will be healing from what feels like horrendous rejection and for others it will be time to simply take on board what is happening. Either way, create a moment to find your balance, do not panic. I picked up a copy of the Titanic movie and a family sized bar of chocolate, a few hours on the sofa with nobody else around did the trick.

3. Connect with others

I knew that there was no point in using my energy on things I can’t control and every point in focussing on what I can control. Make contact with friends and family, arrange to spend time chatting about life, the universe.  Listen to their thoughts about how you could use your skills to earn money. During my time speaking with one friend, she asked if I could solve a problem for her and find a cleaner for her busy household. From there, my business, Domestic Angels was born.

4. Don’t panic

Embrace this unique moment in your life to do things differently, to bring your working life in line with your personal and family priorities which may have changed dramatically since you last ventured out into the world of work.

The decision to start Domestic Angels was easy, I could easily see that by having my own business on my own terms I could be the Mum I wanted to be. School runs, home-cooked meals, time together and making memories were my priorities.

By aligning decision making with your priorities it is possible to look back and not have regrets. I do not regret moving away from corporate life. Our life purpose is to take advantage of opportunities and not have regrets. I recommend this mantra to anyone who is facing a change in life, redundancy or otherwise.